Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is associated with an absence of obvious symptoms and poor prognosis, is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Genome-wide molecular biology studies should provide biological insights into HCC development. Based on the importance of phosphorylation for signal transduction, several protein kinase inhibitors have been developed that improve the survival of cancer patients. However, a comprehensive database of HCC-related phosphorylated biomarkers and prediction platform has been lacking. We have thus curated the HCC-611, GOCU, PhosMotif, SPPKinase, MKA, and Drug databases to provide expression profiles, phosphorylation and drug information, and evidence type; gathered information on HCC-related pathways and their involved genes as candidate HCC biomarkers; and established a system for evaluating protein phosphorylation and HCC-related biomarkers to improve the reliability of biomarker prediction. The resulting dBMHCC contains 611 notable HCC-related genes, 234 HCC-related pathways, 17 phosphorylation-related motifs and their 255 corresponding protein kinases, 5955 HCC biomarkers, and 1077 predicted HCC phosphorylated biomarkers (HCCPMs). dBMHCC is an open resource for HCC phosphorylated biomarkers, which provides expression profiles, evidence type, and drug information to support researchers investigating the development of HCC and designing novel diagnosis methods and drug treatments.