Example: input

You can press the "Example" button. Additional, "Inhibition efficacy" is a threshold for the predictive candidate siRNAs of efficacy.

One part is shown all candidate siRNAs above the threshold, and another parts is used the whole ΔG to divide the candidate siRNAs into two sets (1). The first set is comprised of candidate siRNAs, which are greatermore than or equal to -34.6 kcal/mol, whereas the candidate siRNAs in second set are less than -34.6 kcal/mol.

The first set is got the candidate siRNAs of high accuracy through our analysis, and another set exists indeed the siRNA of high efficacy, but the accuracy in second set is lower than the first set. We suggest selecting the first set, which candidate siRNAs are more than -34.6 kcal/mol, to consider.

1. Ichihara, M., Murakumo, Y., Masuda, A., Matsuura, T., Asai, N., Jijiwa, M., Ishida, M., Shinmi, J., Yatsuya, H., Qiao, S. et al. (2007) Thermodynamic instability of siRNA duplex is a prerequisite for dependable prediction of siRNA activities. Nucleic Acids Res, 35, e123.